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Yesterday at school we have a Peruvian special guest called Rosio who was a publicist, she showed us how technology influenced in publicity. She showed us a lot of videos there were awesome. That experience was amazing because I learn more about publicity with technology. Communication technology is used to reach specific audience with publicity. You can make different types of publicity you can make publicity on facebook, twitter. YouTube ect because all the world can see it

All company’s need to do:



Contact plan


How many money do they have



To do a very good publicity you need to do it with a lot of creativity, you need to put it bigger, you can put different types of colors that can catches people’s attention and also very interesting. Its great how they use publicity with technology more advanced more interesting and funny I think that catches a lot peoples attention.

Here is a video!
Miss W.
2/16/2011 04:30:06 pm

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