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This are some phrases that i like and i love them...
When all doors behind you get shut, it's a sign that you need to stop looking back and start moving forward.
bruno do i look ok? WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE... ok ok i get it :)
" wanna come over?"
" sure but let me shower, put some make up, and do my hair first"
*best friens*
"i am coming over"
"okay but i look like crap"
" i dont care, so do i"
16-year-old sees a 8-year-old with an iPhone, make-up, skinny jeans and laptop.
16-year-old: O__O When I was your age I had Pokemon cards and chalks.
8-year-old:*talking on the phone*I love you! Talk to you later <3 !* Yes, what you want?
16-year-old: Aww, was that your mom?
8-year-old: No, ew grow up. It was my boyfriend!
16-year-old: O__O;;;;; what??? omg!
No one is afraid of heights, they are afraid of the fall,No one is afraid to play, they are afraid to lose, no one is afraid of the dark, they are afraid of what's in it, no one is afraid to say ''I love you'', they are afraid of the response.
 and the last one..
i dont miss you i miss the person i thought you were!
i hope yo like them i am going to most more ;)
haha this video is funny!
Yesterday at school we have a Peruvian special guest called Rosio who was a publicist, she showed us how technology influenced in publicity. She showed us a lot of videos there were awesome. That experience was amazing because I learn more about publicity with technology. Communication technology is used to reach specific audience with publicity. You can make different types of publicity you can make publicity on facebook, twitter. YouTube ect because all the world can see it

All company’s need to do:



Contact plan


How many money do they have



To do a very good publicity you need to do it with a lot of creativity, you need to put it bigger, you can put different types of colors that can catches people’s attention and also very interesting. Its great how they use publicity with technology more advanced more interesting and funny I think that catches a lot peoples attention.

Here is a video!
HI, OMG… Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are dating I love them so much and I am happy for them!!! LOL. Something I dislike is that some fans of Justin are sending Selena death threats that horrible why are you heating Selena only because she got a boyfriend that is Justin bieber, that’s ridiculous if Justin wasn’t famous he will be a normal 17 years old guy with girlfriends. And if any belieber is reading this and you heat Selena do you think you’re a true belieber??? I had a lot of friends that love Justin bieber and they are belibers they said me a belieber is someone that support Justin and if he  smile I smile that is a true beliber someone who is happy about justin and dont be mad about what he do! do you think that is true that they are dating?

Technology has changed trough time, in many types it could be how we search, the forms to communicate and many more. I think technology in the past was misery wasting a lot of time searching on books and encyclopedias thank god nowadays we have technology, now we can search more easily and fast.
Prezi is a page to make presentations more interesting and funny you can explain more the work that you are presenting with more details for me prezi could replace power point.

Hi this is my first blogging I am so exited it’s so cool to have a blog in here I am going to write things about me for you to know more about me. As you can see my photos, I select that photos because I like so much the persons that are themselves and not someone different also in the page about me are some photos of Selena Gomez she is my favorite actress and singer also I like so much music and friendship.


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