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Do you remember Caitlin beadles the ex girlfriend of Justin bieber ok let me  say that  i was in my twitter and i found her then i start searching about her and guess what? i think she is lovely she love god as well as me!!! i love god and with god everything is possible god is amazing i love him and god make a miracle on caitlin i dont know what happen at all but she have an accident and she was in the hospital thanks god she is ok now GOD MAKE MIRACLES ALSO HE MAKE A BIG MIRACLE ON A FRIEND NOW MY FRIEND IS GOOD THANKS GOD!  I AM NEVER GOING TO BE TIRED OF SAY THAT I LOVE GOD! so i want you to see caitlin i like her she is prety! so here is a picture of her...
03/10/2011 20:13

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