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hahaha this video is funny!!!
i was looking for pages and i found an amazing page where you can make avatars. you can make different avatars!!!you can use avatars to make you different, to make different ways where  you can look funny or more interesting a avatar should look like you!  or at least similar but if you want different :)
do you like my avatar? do you think is lovely? coment and let me know what you think about it!
on this page i make my avatar http://www.dolldivine.com/hogwarts.html go and make an avatar :).
This was for Challenge 2 in the March 2011 challenge
Hey you! you must be wondering yourself why are you sitting right now looking at my blog? ok let me tell you why  On my blog you can find different things not only one so you cant get bored... in here you can write whatever you want, you can find pictures, videos, ect in here i will write what i like, what i am doing and many moreinteresting things about me, my life and anything.
this is for challenge 1 in the March 2011 challenge. i hope you like my blog, and like it.  
you can find about latest new about music and celebrities ect.
hi, i want to talk you about something very important and it is being yourself. One of the biggest problems for yourself is not being yourself, this is always the same all the people but most girls you think your not beatifull because people said you!!! and thats wrong every human is beatifull you may not be the prettiest person in the universe but that's not the reason for changing  your personality is what counts and yes you can be prettier physically that also counts but not try to be someone else to like others BE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE... do not make others make you insecure about who you are! dont matter if your fat, thin little or big just be yourself!!! NOBODYS PERFECT!!!
hre is a link about being yourself but i cant pasted for showed as a video so here it is... i really like this video http://vimeo.com/21030401
and in here is a song related to this... is from selena gomez her new video "who says"
Do you remember Caitlin beadles the ex girlfriend of Justin bieber ok let me  say that  i was in my twitter and i found her then i start searching about her and guess what? i think she is lovely she love god as well as me!!! i love god and with god everything is possible god is amazing i love him and god make a miracle on caitlin i dont know what happen at all but she have an accident and she was in the hospital thanks god she is ok now GOD MAKE MIRACLES ALSO HE MAKE A BIG MIRACLE ON A FRIEND NOW MY FRIEND IS GOOD THANKS GOD!  I AM NEVER GOING TO BE TIRED OF SAY THAT I LOVE GOD! so i want you to see caitlin i like her she is prety! so here is a picture of her...
OMG justin bieber miss as you know justin is on tour again and he is missing a lot selena on twiter justin bieber tweet @selenagomez i miss you and later on selena gomez tweet @justinbieber i miss all of you all do you think that sweet??? do you guys like jelena??? LOL
finally jaden smith got twitter #jadenneedstwitter  haha lol finally jaden got twitter haha if you have twitter you know what i mean go and follow him and follow me jaden= @officialjaden and me= @danielavelezg go and follow him and me!!!
Here i want to put some lovequotes it is like phrases as i promise that i will put some but i decide why only phrases? i want to put lovequotes so hope you like it as well as i do! so here are some phrases and lovequotes hope you like it...
I'm not perfect, nor a saint; never pretended to be...I am a human being, trying to find my way in life.
We change, we grow up, we love, we hurt. We're teenagers, we're still learning.
"Sometimes I wish I was the weather You'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rains, I'd be the talk of the day"-john Mayer
The bravest thing I ever did, was walk away from you.
The only thing standing between me and total happiness is reality.
No matter what song I'm listening to, the lyrics seem to remind me of you.
You have to decide what's most important to you, keeping your pride and getting nothing, or taking a risk and just maybe having everything.
A guitar isn't a guitar, unless it's played. A candle isn't a candle, unless it's lighted. Love isn't a love, unless it's shown.
3 words to get a girl? I love you. 3 words to get a guy? I play COD.
When I say “Oh, I’m fine..” I want someone to look me in the eye and say “Ok, now tell me the truth."
Love: spending everyday with each other without killing that person and spending everyday apart still falling in love.
When I promise myself I'll get over you, I just seem to fall a little bit harder, and now, I can't help but love you.#teenloveequotes
i hope you like it :) LOL
today i dont go to school because i was so sick i dont feel so well :S


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